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2017 ranking of the 10 poorest countries in the world

23.04.2018: This ranking lists countries in the world with the lowest GDP. No surprise, all these countries are African.

10. Democratic Republic of Congo ($ 489.8 per capita)

The country has been stricken for many years by many wars. The DRC is one of the poorest countries in Africa and the world, despite one of the richest subsoils in Africa.

9. Liberia ($ 478.7)

The country is recovering recently from the civil war that saw the fall of Charles Taylor. The recent Ebola outbreak has cost the country enormous resources.

8. Gambia ($ 435.5)

While the democratic process is under way, several sectors in The Gambia are looking for investors. For example, in the oil sector.

7. Mozambique ($ 434.9)

Mozambique's population is extremely poor.
While the government promotes tourism, kidnappings for ransom are commonplace in this country.

6. Niger ($ 412.8)

Niger is a desertic country but a big rise in water at the end of 2017, has caused great damage. 50% of the country's GDP is based on agriculture, the desert climate does not help things.

5. Madagascar ($ 382.2)

The Malagasy economy is on the road to remission. Indeed, after several years of weak growth, this economy grew 4.0% in 2016 and nearly 5% in 2017. Despite this ...

4. Centrafrica ($ 372.2)

After the end of the économic embargo, the growth of the Central African economy should continue to increase in 2017. The subsoil of this country is rich in aluminum, copper, gold, diamond, uranium and oil.

3. Burundi ($ 287.3)

The political « blockade » in Burundi and the economic sanctions of the international community have put the Burundian economy at a standstill.

2. Malawi ($ 287)

The Malawian economy has been depressed since 2016 as a result of adverse weather conditions (El Niño), which made more serious the country's food crisis.

1. South Sudan ($ 245.9)

South Sudan has been independent since 2011.
Still rocked by many conflicts and penalized by its political youth, South Sudan stands as the country with the lowest GDP in this ranking.

Source: Afrikmag
Photo credit: Afrikmag