General instructions

Publishing a technology on Altadeva is a completely free process that we split into 5 steps to allow you to fill it in several times if you do not have the time that isnecessary. Moving from one step to another saves the data in your form so that you do not lose any information you have entered.

To submit your technology in the best conditions, make sure you have all the information necessary next to you. Thus, if you have made a presentation document, you can extract some information to integrate in our form.

In the different forms you will notice fields with an asterisk (*) which means they are mandatory. You will also notice fields marked with a padlock which indicates important or private data that will not be displayed on the site. This will feed our algorithm which matches your technology closer to the needs that have already been identified or to future ones.

Publication forms are available in English and in French. If you want your technology to be seen worldwide, consider entering the information in both languages. This choice is accessible via the link at the top of each form entitled "Input language".

The publication of a technology is subject to validation by the Altadeva Committee which will judge its eligibility on the platform and the relevance of the information you have provided.

Lastly, a published technology can and must be updated by modifying or adding information, especially information regarding the progress of your project or the state of funding.


Step 1: Basic Information

The requested information here outlines your technology and your project. It will also allow you to classify your technology according to their response to a basic need or a detailed need. Be precise in this choice because it will determine the display of your technology in our search engine and also its integration in our matching needs algorithm.

Also, make sure to inform us of the next stages of development of your project. This information will indicate to investors or partners how and when they can step in to carry out your project.


Step 2: Market and impact

This information is important especially to attract potential distributors. The clearer your vision of the market interested in your technology, the more visible it will be to distributors.
It is also possible that you have not imagined that your technology could be applicable to some other markets. Altadeva will open you up to these new opportunities by suggesting your technology to partners or distributors.

Likewise, information about economic and social impact or technical benefits could be of interest to potential investors.


Step 3: Property and protection

If you are considering the distribution and commercialization of your technology, it may be important to protect it in terms of intellectual property.
If it already is, fill in the protection information; it will provide guidance to potential technical partners.


Step 4: Marketing and distribution

This information, while confidential, will point out how to distribute or market your technology.
It is important that you have a medium or long-term vision of your own abilities and how other users can contribute.


Step 5: Photos and documents

These elements, in particular the photo accompanying your technology on Altadeva, must make it possible to highlight it and make it attractive for the users.
Provide good quality documents that reflect your technology well or put it in a good situation.
If you have additional documents such as technical explanations, other photos of your technology or financial or distribution elements, you can upload them here. These documents will remain confidential.