Altadeva allows you to submit specific needs or technological innovations on a collaborative platform.

Altadeva identifies a specific solution to a need submitted or matches an innovation with an existing need.

The teams at DEVA-Hub search our databases for opportunities to develop.

We carry out specific market surveys on a given innovation, product or geographical area.

You may be awarded an "innovaDEV solution" seal of approval.


We analyze your "Project Specification" or we develop it with you.

We propose partners capable of assisting you with the R&D, maturation and prototyping steps necessary for your project's development.

We propose an appropriate business model geared to the durability of your business and consonant with our Charter of Ethics.

We help you define and implement your intellectual and industrial property strategy and the technology transfer envisaged.


We provide advice on structuring your business, integrating the legal, financial, strategic and commercial dimensions.

We can help you set up your business locally, in Europe and/or in your target countries.

We assist you in developing your Business Plan and in finding funding (seed money, equity, investment fund, debt, crowdfunding).

We can conduct field tests in the future areas of use, to adjust the prototypes and gain some first operating results.


Your technology may be given priority posting on the ALTADEVA platform for defined, renewable periods.

Your technology may be permanently displayed on the DEVA HUB pages and gain from specific coverage in the platform's news.

We can prepare your promotional documents and tools (flyers, technical manuals, posters, objects and websites) and your communication and advertising campaigns.

Via our network, we help you to identify your future partners, distributors, customers and end users, in the planned countries of operation.


We help you choose the best local distribution channels for your innovation in each country.

We adapt your offers and packaging to your target markets and countries based on your business model.

We develop your catalogue and price lists.

We canvass the relevant geographical areas on your behalf and we can perform local tests on offers.

We can provide practical assistance with selling or distributing your product in the field.

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