Let's innovate to change the world!

Our goal is to reduce extreme poverty and improve public health in developing countries through scientific research.

We believe that skills, motivation, human commitment and local action can change the world!

Founding members

ANTENNA Foundation

ANTENNA is a Swiss foundation engaged in scientific research and the dissemination of technological, economic and medical solutions to meet the basic needs of the most vulnerable communities (developing countries). ANTENNA brings together a network of partners working in some thirty countries to provide goods and services to the poorest populations. Today, the ANTENNA Foundation conducts 60 projects in more than 30 countries. In collaboration with an international network of scientists, ANTENNA undertakes and participates in research projects in the fields of nutrition, drinking water, agriculture, energy, medicine and microcredit.


DEFIDEVA is a non-profit organization whose objective is to improve the living conditions of the most disadvantaged populations.
The organization focuses particularly on implementing and developing technical tools designed to match the essential needs of populations in distress with innovative solutions that can meet them.

By searching for technologies, companies and inventors, and by harnessing energies (researchers, laboratories, institutes, students, volunteers) and funding (donations, patronage, grants, loans), DEFIDEVA is committed to fighting extreme poverty, on a local scale and worldwide.


Partner members


Antenna France is an Association of International Solidarity, committed to fighting malnutrition and extreme poverty. Antenna France's mission is to establish sustainable, autonomous and financially viable production and distribution structures for spirulina.

Pierre et Marie CURIE Foundation

The UPMC Partnership Foundation aims to contribute to the development and promotion of university in all the fields within the scope of its missions. The University Pierre and Marie Curie is home in particular to the prestigious Sorbonne University.

ISEDA Consulting

ISEDA Consulting is a consulting firm created in 2016 in Burkina Faso to respond to the skills needs of projects aiming at the development of Africa in the sectors of water and sanitation, energy and health with a strong respect for the environment. Its activities cover all of West Africa. Its goal is to support private or public projects and initiatives to improve the living conditions of the population through economic and industrial development, access to drinking water, sanitation, energy, and improving health conditions.


ÉLÉPHANT VERT, a company born out of a collaborative project in Africa 12 years ago, is now developing an innovative offer of micro-organisms, bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides in Morocco and Mali. As an alternative to chemical fertilizers and pesticides, this offer delivers a yield equal to or higher than the one obtained with chemical products. It also allows farmers to reduce their production costs, generate added value and create local jobs. ÉLÉPHANT VERT is active in Europe, Mali and Morocco and offers bespoke technical and financial support for producers.

NEPHROTEK/AAZ Laboratories

French companies whose main business is the development and worldwide distribution of medical devices (artificial kidneys) and in vitro diagnostic tests. The company's offer also includes the creation of complete medical structures: Hemodialysis Centers and Laboratories. Over the past 10 years, NEPHROTEK Laboratories have specialized in the development of rapid diagnostic tests (RDT) and self-tests, including the HIV self-test.

Quadrivium Ventures

A company formed by the shareholders of the Quadrivium 1 seed fund (AUM = €55 million). This fund invests in companies from the sphere of Quadrivium Ventures' academic shareholders’ laboratories, including the University Pierre and Marie Curie, the Université technologique de Compiègne (Compiègne university and engineering school), the Foundation Voir et Entendre and the Pierre Gilles de Gennes Foundation.


Association created by the grouping of "families" of the ESS, CRESS PACA aims to bring together the actors of the social and solidarity economy of the Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur region: associations, cooperatives, the corporate foundations of the SSE, mutuals, employers' unions of the social economy and networks of solidarity economy and local development. CRESS PACA contributes to promoting democracy and solidarity in the economy and benefits from recognition of its mission of general interest by the Prefect of the Region and the prefectural decree. (July 2014 SSE Framework Act).

Lina Leli

Lina Leli is a consulting firm specializing in the promotion of technology mainly for poor and developing countries. The organization combines strong skills in technology promotion, management, financing and communication (Internet, graphic design, marketing and community management). With nearly 30 years of professional experience in the field of innovative business creation, R&D, marketing and technology transfer to Global South countries, LINA-LELI has built up an international network in the field and acquired the necessary skills to promote, adapt and distribute the innovations identified.

The Team

The Altadeva team combines experience of technology transfer to developing countries (CVT Valorisation South founding) and multiple professional skills: technical expertise, management, business creation, IT development, community management, marketing, communication, graphic design.
Altadeva has forged important partnerships whether institutional or private with for example the Antenna Foundation, the Pierre and Marie Curie Foundation, the Regional Chamber of Social and Solidarity Economy (CRESS) and numerous innovative companies... It also has a local and international network (Platform Council, companies in the South, local relays, IRD, Institut Pasteur, CIRAD...).