ALTADEVA is a Collaborative Digital Platform that aims to compare online the essential needs of disadvantaged countries and technologies to meet, match, finance, develop and utilize them. ALTADEVA is a community that connects different actors of innovation, renewable energies, and sustainable development with other business partners to solve operational problems and develop their projects by giving them more scope and impact.

ALTADEVA bases its identity on the values of independence, confidentiality, respect for others, transparency, collaboration, and integrity.

The aim of this User Policy is to make it easier for all users to integrate into the community by guaranteeing ideal conditions for networking and exchange, in particular by gain the trust of the various users.

By registering, the user joins the community and adheres to the vision and values of ALTADEVA and in particular to ALTADEVA’s code of ethics, available on the website. Furthermore, he is deemed to have accepted, without restriction or qualification, the present User Policy as well as the General Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, which describe the conditions under which ALTADEVA offers its services.


Recommendations to users

The user is invited to:

  • accept the cookies of this website;
  • take the appropriate measure in order to ensure an efficient managerial quality of their company’s management body (integration of risk analysis, regulatory compliance, etc.) ;
  • adopt adequate professional conduct;
  • à adopter des conduites professionnelles adéquates ;
  • à prendre des mesures nécessaires pour assurer la viabilité et la pérennité de son entreprise tant sur le plan humain, structurel que matériel et financier.


User commitments:

In addition to the rules of conduct specified in the General Terms and Conditions of Use to which this User Policy is attached and in the Privacy Policy, the user agrees to:

  • use the services offered on this website in accordance with the vision and values of ALTADEVA (please visit our code of ethics) ;
  • respect the principles of sustainable development; especially those defined by the United Nations Global Compact at the following URL address: ;
  • implement in the framework of their activities sustainable development methods, practices, and policies in order to comply with them;
  • promote through their behavior the achievement of the objectives of the Platform. As such, they communicate to the reference person(s) all relevant information that can contribute to the achievement of such objectives, and adopts behaviors that promote the image of the Platform;
  • to avoid any behavior or attitude that could affect the proper operation of the Platform, compromise its vision, objectives and missions, or harm other users;
  • respect the protocols and rules put in place by the Platform and / or to intervene in the context of linking different users, particularly through the signing of agreements to which ALTADEVA will be a party;
  • respect their commitments under the possible agreements to be made;
  • refrain from any criminal and / or abusive use of the Platform's communication tools.


Implementation of the Policy

No activity on the Platform may be conducted under conditions incompatible with this Policy.

ALTADEVA, as administrator of the Platform, ensures the proper implementation of this Policy. It reserves the right to exclude any user who does not comply.


Evolution of the Policy

This Policy is intended to adapt to the evolution of the services offered by the Platform and regulatory compliance requirements. As such, ALTADEVA reserves the right to modify it without notice. Every user is invited to consult it regularly.

Each new version of this Policy comes into effect as soon as it is posted on this page with an effective date of the update.

Date of entry into force: 31 July 2017

Last updated on November 14, 2017