Our goal is to reduce extreme poverty and improve public health in developing countries through scientific research. We act according to the principles of sustainable development, social justice and human rights without any discrimination of race, religion or politics.
We strive to work in transparency and in accordance with the law. We adopt sound and regular financial management reviewed by an external authority.



We are committed to searching and disseminating technologies adapted to the essential needs of the poorest populations.
The technologies hosted by our platform will be as innovative as possible, simple, inexpensive, respectful of the environment, sustainable and deliverable on a large scale. Some technologies may be patented.



We work openly and closely with two types of partners for research and dissemination of technologies:

  • our founders’ networks (local, regional or national structures),
  • third-party partners: research centers, universities, technical schools, international or governmental organizations, NGOs, foundations, local associations and private companies.

The relations thus maintained are part of a long-term, equitable and balanced cooperation framework.


Business models

To ensure sustainable diffusion of technologies, we create viable business models. We can market products from the platform at a price adjusted to the purchasing power of the target population and reinvest the profits in our programs.